Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I'm only happy when it rains!

Ok that is so not true - I much prefer it to be sunny and warm, not too hot but nice and warm - I don't ask for much really! Anyway - it meant I couldn't go out for walk in my lunch break so I wasn't able to go exploring for photographs or blow the cobwebs away - so I sat in with a selection or reading material.  Gossip - educational and learning! Grazia, Lakota Woman and the Metro Newspaper.  Lakota Woman is by far proving to be the most interesting.  Written by a female native american is rare enough but it really gets to grips with how the introduction of the 'white mans' ways into the native american community really did some damage to what I consider to have been quite a beautiful race.....yes yes they did some pretty odd things at times but their ideas on life and nature were pretty special.  It's a read I would recommend.

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