Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Oh my.

So this might look like a random bit of graffiti and maybe to some it is.  A few years ago a lad, barely into double figures was walking home from his youth club, it was about 9pm and he apparently looked at a group of kids the wrong way.  They chased him and stabbed him, he managed to almost get himself home and collapsed outside a pub.  He was so close to his home that his mom was able to get out and hold her little boy as he took his final breath.  The pub has left the messages for him - which I think is really nice of them.  This is on my way to work and on a road that leads to some friends houses.  One friend thinks she heard the attackers after this had happened but who is to really know.  Rumour has it that the people responsible where put into hiding by their parents.  I don't know if I could do that, but then I am not a parent yet.  It's a bit of a hard hitting picture of the day - but what was gained from this night? A little boy lost his life and a whole heap of people have had their lives changed, maybe destroyed forever....and for what? A moment of feeling powerful?

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