Saturday, 24 July 2010

Good Morning World

Well, so much for my well earned and well deserved lie in.  There's something very sweet waking up to the big hugs and fuss of a little puppy dog.  He wasn't backwards in letting me know he didn't want his breakfast and wanted to go outside instead.  Where he proceeded to make friends with lots of new dogs, meaning I had to engage in proper conversation before waking up!


  1. You are in so much trouble! How are earth are you going to let this little fella go?! He is too cute, o well, if you thought you walked alot before, you will be doing twice that from now on!!

  2. He's been so good - apart from a little spell of way too much energy yesterday evening - but today he's been so huggy and licky and loving that he's sure not going to make it easy!!!