Saturday, 7 August 2010

I think he stole a piece of my heart

And here he is for one last time.  This little fella stole my heart and has left me with some very fond memories.  It's made me see just how good for the soul a dog can be, and makes me all the more upset about the way some people treat such lovely creatures.  Anyway - sad circumstances look like they will be leading this little one to be rehomed.  We'd take him in a flash, if only landlords were not so daft about letting people rent and have a pet.  So long buddy.....hopefully only temporarily.


  1. what a sweetie! how could you not love that face?

  2. He's got such a sweet personality too - you walk down the street with him and the whole street goes 'Awwww' of course I wanted to pretend they were aiming it towards me but he definitely just makes everyone melt!