Sunday, 15 August 2010

Orchids everywhere

Seeing as my little orchid has behaved itself so well, we bought it a companion - it's a huge beast of an orchid - not that you can really use the word beast and orchid together's got two stems and about a billion flowers on it.....ok, maybe it's not got quite a billion on it but it's lots and lots plus 1.


  1. that is a beautiful companion for you budding lil orchid . i think it will be happier now with a big buddy for company. have you learned which music they enjoy yet?

  2. I love the colour of this orchid, and it has so many flowers on it. I have two, a cheaper white and pink one from IKEA that flowers continually and another far more espensive one that only flowers every 18 months! Admittedly the expensive one is beautiful when it does flowers, but it is much nicer to see a flowering orchid that one that is just leaves for most of the time.